CSI Hebrew School

Hebrew Curriculum

We provide an intensive Siddur-based Hebrew language program that will prepare each student to read with accuracy and fluency. The curriculum will support the mastery of the Hebrew alphabet, provide basic reading and writing skills, and allow opportunities to engage in basic Hebrew conversation. We also offer a Hebrew Immersion option for 30 minutes a week. Students will learn to read Hebrew prayers and blessings, and be able to follow in the Siddur at synagogue services. Throughout each academic year students receive continuous evaluations to ensure that they are learning all of the necessary skills leading up to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Judaic Studies

[Judaic Studies] Our Jewish Studies curriculum nurtures a love for Torah, Jewish culture and history, the celebration of Shabbat and holidays, and a connection to the State of Israel. Emphasis is placed on social action and doing mitzvot (commandments and good deeds) both as individuals and as a community. Study of Torah includes learning biblical stories and commentary, as well as studying the Parsha of the week. We promote an understanding of how the Torah’s lessons can be relevant and incorporated into daily life. 

Family Education

Jewish education is a family affair!  Parents and family members will be invited to participate in holiday celebrations, workshops, Family Services and Shabbat dinners, and many more exciting events.